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Specializing in Critical Alignment Therapeutic Yoga Classes
for relief and management of chronic pain. 


C.A.T. Certified Yoga Therapist / Certified Yoga Instructor

Studio Closures

May 23 Victoria Day
July 1 Canada Day
Aug 12 - Sept 11 Summer Break

Spring & Summer Sessions

May 2 - June 30
July 4 - Aug 11


sheryoga@shaw.ca 403-816-1502

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy:

Covid restrictions have changed in our province. 
While I appreciate that 2 years is a long time to be mandated to wear masks and that many are eager to remove them, 
as a precaution we will continue the wear masks here at the studio for the time being.

While many are fortunate that COVID-19 doesn't pose a serious threat, others however, including elderly and immunocompromised individuals such as myself and others in class, remain vulnerable to serious disease.

This requirement will be eased in time as we see how our province fairs with restrictions removed and our comfort levels improve.

Even after we have together deemed masks are no longer required here, you should always feel welcome to continue wearing yours as long as you feel necessary.

All students will continue to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend classes and proof of vaccination is required.

​Please continue to bring your own props to class for the time being. 
List of required props is found on the schedule page.

All new students to SherYoga must complete a therapeutic assessment before attending classes. More information on this is located on the bottom of the schedule page. 

Book yours now before the new session begins!


It really doesn't have to be.

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Sherryn Rault
Owner / Yoga Therapist