Contact Sherryn directly to register for classes and to book your private yoga therapy assessment. 

It's always easier to reach Sherryn by email. She can't answer the phone when she's teaching.
Keep scrolling for contact info and further important studio information! 

All classes are registered only. Sorry, no drop in classes are offered. 

A one time fee of $75 + tax will be added to your initial class registration to cover your yoga therapy assessment. All assessments must be completed prior to the class start. 

Winter 2018 Session begins January 8! Classes will fill quickly!
Register NOW to confirm your spot!

Fall & Winter 2018
Registered Class Schedules
Prices shown include GST


  • 7:30- 9pm       CAT Yoga Therapy 
Nov 6 - Dec 18       $183.75 incl gst (7 weeks) FULL
Jan 8 - Mar 26        $236.25 incl gst (9 weeks) no class Feb 5, 12 + 19 FULL


  • 6:30- 8:30pm  CAT & CORE    2hr Extended Class
Nov 7 - Dec 19       $220.50 incl gst (7 weeks)  FULL
Jan 9 - Mar 27        $315.00 incl gst (10 weeks) no class Feb 6 + 13 FULL


  • 7:30- 9:00pm  CAT Yoga Therapy
Nov 8 - Dec 20       $183.75 incl gst (7 weeks)
Jan 10 - Mar 28     $262.50 incl gst (10 weeks) no class Feb 7 + 14 1 spot left


  • 10:30- 12pm     CAT Yoga Therapy
Nov 9 - Dec 21      $183.75 incl gst (7 weeks) 
Jan 11 - Mar 29     $262.50 incl gst (10 weeks) no class Feb 8 + 15 2 spots left

  • 7:30- 9pm      CAT Yoga Therapy 
Nov 9 - Dec 21      $183.75 incl gst (7 weeks)  FULL
Jan 11 - Mar 29     $262.50 incl gst (10 weeks) no class Feb 8 + 15


  • 10:30- 12pm   CAT Yoga Therapy 
Nov 10 - Dec 22    $183.75 incl gst (7 weeks)
Jan 12 - Mar 23     $210.00 incl gst (8 weeks) no class Feb 2, 9, 16 + Mar 30 

The New Winter Session begins Jan 8, 2018.

The studio will be closed from Feb 2 - 19, 2018

Mark Your Calendars!

Private Yoga & Therapeutic Yoga Sessions with Sherryn

Initial Therapy Assessments when registering in a class is $75+gst and will be added to your first session registration. An assessment must be conducted before attending your class or first private session.

*Therapy Assessments only      $78.75 incl gst
(separate from private sessions and range in time from 60 to 90 minutes)

*Private Sessions   up to 1 hr     $105.00  incl gst 
(Therapy sessions may be shorter depending on students' physical conditions & limitations)

*Private Sessions      1.5 hrs       $157.50 incl gst

PLEASE NOTE: Private session no shows will be subject to a $30 fee.

Call Sherryn for scheduling, availability and to discuss your best option.

Missed Classes and Make-ups Policy

Should you miss one or more classes, you may attend a make-up class in any of the other classes, space permitting and provided it is within the same registered session. 

*Make-up classes hold no dollar value and cannot be used to pay for or pro-rate the next session of classes.

*Make-ups are NOT GUARANTEED. You will receive best efforts in accommodating your make-up classes, but please know that a time limit will be given for you to complete these.

Make-up classes will only work if I know in advance that you will be absent. This way someone else can then make-up a missed class in your spot as you will want to do in theirs. I know life happens at a moments notice and that you may not be able to inform me ahead of time of your absence, but whenever possible please enable someone else to attend in your place. 

When the classes are already fully registered, as they often are, finding a spot for you to do your make-up may be difficult. Please make every attempt to be at your scheduled make-up session as another student can always use the spot if you cannot make it. Simply failing to show up for your scheduled make-up may result in the loss of that make-up class. 

I am fairly flexible when scheduling these for you but please know that there is a limited amount of time for you to complete your makeups and you must be registered in a class to use them.

About SherYoga Therapy Studio

9516 - 5St SE Calgary, AB T2J 1K6
sheryoga@shaw.ca ( it's always easier to reach Sherryn by email. )

SherYoga Therapy Studio is in my home and I welcome you warmly into my space.
After completely gutting my basement and then rebuilding it into a space specifically 
designed for therapeutic yoga we opened for business and classes on Feb 5, 2007. 

  • All classes are registered directly through Sherryn at the contact information above. 
  • SherYoga accepts cash, personal & bank drawn cheques and email money transfers only. 
  • Sorry no credit or debit.

  • Please use the separate studio entrance by taking the north side sidewalk along the hedge to 
  • the gate. 
  • The SherYoga Therapy sign is on the gate and is visible from the street. 

  • The Studio doors are always open at least 30 minutes prior to the class start time should you
  • wish to arrive a little early. Please come in and down to the studio. There is no need to ring the 
  • bell, unless otherwise instructed.

  • Please ensure you are NOT LATE for your class. This is very disruptive to the class and the 
  • other students within it. Leave yourself plenty of travel time to get here on time. 

  • All yoga and therapy props and tools are supplied for you with the exception of your yoga mat. 
  • If you do not have a mat of your own, there are a few in studio that can be borrowed. 
  • You will, however, want to buy one of your own for hygienic reasons and home practice.

  • You will be provided with a home practice instructional handout. You will also be required to 
  • purchase the required tools (straps, etc) for your own at home use. You will have homework!

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you freedom to move and if you do tend to be cool 
  • please wear something with sleeves that is easily removed if nec; preferably without a hood.

  • There is tap water available but feel free to bring your own bottled water as required.
  • Please ensure that you close the gate behind you when arriving and leaving the studio.

Parking while attending classes at the studio 

  • Please Do Not Park in or block the driveway 
  • Please Do Not Park in front of the 2 homes just north of the studio at 9512 or 9508, 
  • One of these houses already has a Handicapped parking sign in front, however both do need them, please respect this. There is plenty of street parking available for you. There should be no reason to park in front of these 2 homes and I appreciate this very much as do they.
  • You can park in front of the school proper on the opposite side of the street. Follow the signs posted. 

  • As we are located across from the Acadia Elementary School and playground, there 
        is the potential for many children to be on the sidewalks and roadways at various times 
        during the day. Please slow down and be ever watchful. You are in a playground zone!

Registered Class Schedule  
"Be not afraid of going slowly... be only afraid of standing still"
Winter 2018 Session 
as of Jan 1, 2018

Winter 2018 Session
listed below