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"No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free of"
"...I noticed an immediate loosening of my hips and a lengthening of my stride... Thank you for all the time, love and attention you put into making these sessions available to us." Deb 
"My heavens … my back has never felt so alive and I mean this quite literally... Thank-you so very, very, very much !!" Michelle
Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy (CAT) Workshops With Sherryn 

Therapeutic Yoga Workshops with Sherryn are for beginners and continuing students of any style of yoga.

These workshops are for anyone wishing greater access to free spinal movement, but is especially ideal for those suffering chronic pain caused by injury, stress or repetitive strain. Whether your pain is in your back and neck, shoulders, elbows & wrists, pelvis, hips & legs etc., this therapy will benefit you with greater freedom and ease in all aspects of movement and develop strength and coordination in your postural muscles to maintain this critical spinal alignment. 
Instructional Handouts provided to new students. Medical professionals and teachers welcome. 
Given the nature of these therapeutic yoga workshops, space is limited. Register early to secure your spot. 

Saturday Yoga Therapy Workshop Series
12pm - 3pm
$73.50 (incl gst) per workshop; limited to 6 students. 

Watch for more CAT workshops coming soon!

Schedule of workshops may change without notice

These workshops are open to all levels of student. Teachers and medical professionals are welcome. 
Specialized props used will be made available for purchase should you wish.


"I felt AMAZING after spending three hours with you, better than I’ve felt in ages....this approach works so well for me. It's very encouraging." JoAnn 
"What a fabulous weekend!! I feel as though my shoulders have completely opened up and my spine feels lighter and longer, it's amazing! Thank you so much for coming to Edmonton to share your knowlegde and wisdom with us." Terri-Lynn
"I wanted you to know that I truly enjoyed your workshop and if ever you were back in Edmonton I would attend AGAIN!!!  I am very thankful for your awesome written instructions" Sandrine
"I absolutely loved the class and really appreciated your time to introduce us to Critical Alignment.  Your notes are fantastic and easy to follow.  I felt like I had a massage and it really helped open up my upper back!" Dianna
"Great class!  I know I keep telling you this, but thank you for helping me to get stronger & getting back to activities that I haven't been able to do in over 4 YEARS!!! That's my apple for my fav teacher :)" Michelle P

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